Undercover Vagrant – episode 1

Undercover Vagrant follows a man who may be an undercover agent. Or he may just be mentally disturbed. If I had to give this episode a name it would be called "The Bench" or maybe just "grrr."

Theme music created by David Redinha www.davidredinha.eu

Flash… Bang… Alien Head

An annoying neighbor comes to visit with a gash on his forehead that seems to be growing. This story grew out of an idea that Pete had discussed with Dennis one night at a party. As the night went on they kept laughing about how the alien would sound. Then Pete wrote the script. They both laughed again then shot what you see here. Watch it full screen to get the full effect of the alien.

story by Peter Prochilo
written by Peter Prochilo and Dennis Mason
cast: Peter Prochilo, Dennis Mason, and Robert Kalison
camera and special effects: Dennis Mason
sound design, musical score, audio post-production: Roy Yokelson of AntlandProductions.com
musical elements: Luke Neumann of NeumannFilms.net


Norwegian Apocalypse

This was our entry into the filmracing.com 24 hour film race starring Justin Zimmerman. We were only given three elements that had to be in the video 1) "One" had to be in the dialog. 2) The number "one" had to appear. 3) "Listening to music" had to be included.

xmas – Barry’s favorite time of year

This is an old video created in 2009.  I had my old camcorder at the time.  I heartily prefer my HD-DSLR these days.  This is the story of Barry who wants nothing more than to wake up on christmas day and open his presents.  Too bad for all of us that Santa doesn't exist.  That jerk.  Exist, damn you, exist!

12 Step Program

At one of the Short Sighted meetings we shot a very (very) short scene which is supposed to be the start of a series of 12-Step Program style scenes.  If you have any suggestions for future scenes or want to be in one drop us a line.

August planning meeting – check

The old banana peel slipWe had a great first meeting of the Short Sighted Comedy group.  Lots of good energy and ideas floating around the room.  It looks like Pete's urinal sketch will be one of the first ones produced.  Don't worry.  This is not going to be some grade-school humor sketch.  We said at the meeting that we're not interested in fart jokes.  The sketch is more about the awkwardness of chatty strangers during what would otherwise be "private time."  I'm really looking forward to working with this group.  Write!  Create characters!  Bring ideas!