Short Sighted Comedy – Sketch Comedy videos made in Northern New Jersey

Have you been looking for sketch comedy in Northern New Jersey? We have, too! And we were tired of waiting for someone else to create it.

Our plan:
Get together frequently to collaborate, pitch ideas, write, and plot when, where, and what we are going to shoot. Then… we shoot and put the resulting videos online (or in film festivals for more ambitious projects)!

Our goal:
Create a brand that becomes a household name recognizable outside of our own households as a source of funny, quality material. Our influences: Sophisticated to wacky but always with a sense of intelligence, alien or otherwise. Think Monty Python, Futurama, South Park, Kids in the Hall …. If you share similar sensibilities, we want to meet you!

Who we need (if you fit multiple categories it’s a bonus):

  • Writers
  • Actors
  • Editors
  • Camera operators
  • Sound people
  • Producers
  • Musicians

The meetings will be around the Wayne/Little Falls/West Orange area.

Who we are:
We are Dennis and Bob and we have made short films, commercials, and sketch scenes. We both act. Dennis is the tech guy with all the gear and Bob is the writer. Together we are unstoppable. You can most likely slow us down by lying down in the road, but we live in NJ. We’re not stopping. Check out to see some of our work.

We have a Sony A7iii and a professional shotgun microphone with boompole and wireless lavs. We have a small lighting package, DIY dolly, jib arm, etc. We’re serious about our comedy shooting. If you have gear you want to use bring it on. We work well with limited resources, but welcome more tech people to shoot, edit, light, etc.

To join in:
Send us a message and let us know what you’re good at. Already have a project you want to work on? Send us a script. If we share your interests we’d be happy to help.